Q. Your Web site says this is the Still Younger Than Keith tour, but I only see one concert date in New York City. Is this some marketing gimmick, or are you guys going to add dates like a real band?

Q. 2007 is a milestone year for The Rock Bottom Remainders. How have you managed to stay together all these years?

Q. Has anyone gotten any better in that time?

Q. Do you have any favorite memories from the road?

Q. Have you ever considered quitting your day gigs and touring full time?

Q: Do you have a wardrobe department? Who dresses you?

Q. How do you decide who’s going to sing when you learn a new song?

Q. What’s with all the Scott Turow jokes? Doesn’t he get abused enough as a lawyer?

Q. Every time I go to a concert I see two of the musicians whisper in each other’s ears in the middle of a song. What’s everybody talking about?

Q. What dressing room demands or special rider items do the band members have?

Q. Why don't you guys know how to play Freebird?

Q. What advice would you give to hedge fund managers wanting to form their own bands?

Q. You guys have played with some cool, talented musicians. Who would be a dream new guest musician?

Q. Any regrets?